Dan Spitz Watches and Watchmaker Bench

Here are links to Dan’s websites.
After reading about Dan’s odyssey into watchmaking I found a section on his site about a side project; making Watchmaker Benches.
At that time the slide show had several 3D renderings of how one of his benches would look with watches and tools.
I saw this as an opportunity to help because the quality of the graphics wasn’t at a professional level and looked very amateurish.
I emailed Dan via his MySpace page for DeuxMonkey, another side project of his….another metal band.
Dan emailed back and gave me his blessing to start working on some new images to visualize how his bench would look.
Over the next several weeks I worked in 3D Studio Max to create these pictures.
When I had something to show I would email Dan the images and within a few hours I had feedback.
His comments were always positive and full of great ideas and details.



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