Rapid Prototping begins…

I’ll just say that it took me many hours of internet research and dozens of emails until I found what I was looking for.
Of course, I didn’t know it but what I needed was to find a local rapid prototype company to make 3D prints of my designs.

Wikipedia says rapid prototype is, “the automatic construction of physical objects using additive manufacturing technology. The first techniques for rapid prototyping became available in the late 1980s and were used to produce models and prototype parts. Today, they are used for a much wider range of applications and are even used to manufacture production-quality parts in relatively small numbers. Some sculptors use the technology to produce complex shapes for fine arts exhibitions.”

The thing is, it’s one thing to make pretty pictures and it is quite another thing to make a real, functional wrist watch that is ready for production.
Even though I thought I had rendered a “complete design”, I had only scratched the surface.
Through the internet I found several sources to mass produce my watch, but what I really needed was the ability to cheaply make one, single working prototype.
When I discovered rapid prototyping, I found the means to do this.
Instead of dealing with companies who produce a minimum of 100+ pieces, I am able to make 1.


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