Case back…

Next I wanted to figure out what to do about the case back.
At first, I thought I would go with a snap-on style which is very common.
I was sure I could buy generic ones from any watch supply, which would save me alot of time and expense of not having to design and 3D print.
But when I took apart and examined several watches I realized that getting the fittings  just right was going to be a pain.
Instead, I found an inexpensive Casio digital watch ($20) that took a completely different approach.
Here you can see it is a simple design… it has 4 screws that do the job of sealing the back of the watch.
Through searching the internet and countless emails, I tried to find a generic version that did not have the Casio engravings.
Unfortunately, I had no luck…Casio has discontinued this case back.

This meant I would need to create one as closely as I could.
I scanned the bottom of the Casio watch to make a template, measured the case back and then modeled it as close as I could in Max.
From there I modified the case model to have a space for the case back to fit.


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