The next thing I want to work out is the faceplate.

After disecting other inexpensive watches purchased on Ebay, I learned that it needs to be very thin.
This is so the movement stem can poke through the faceplate far enough for the hour and minute hands to attach.
I found some samples of sheet metal at a local hobby store and I decided that .2mm stainless steel could work.

Once the faceplate is cut the logo needs to be applied to the stainless steel.
I am planning to try 3mil glossy, vinyl sticker paper printed with my inkjet printer and cut with an exacto knife.

I know that the stainless steel will need to be cut and drilled perfectly or else it won’t fit into the cavity on the top of the case.
Because of it’s size, cutting with hand tools seems completely out of the question.
So I searched for a company who specialized in microcutting with lazer technology.
I contacted several companies but only one who was willing to work with me with such a small order…10 pieces.
Delphi Micro Lasermachining.

It took some effort to provide them with data they could use.
We tried various file formats, such as DXF and DWG.
Eventually they loaded a copy of 3D Studio Max which allowed them to use my native .max file without conversion.
Here are the pictures they sent me….looks very good.


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