Next iteration…

I learned alot from the first iteration of the watch case.
It revealed a need to work out many things that were missing, such as:
-how will the faceplate work (how will it attach and how do I put graphics onto it)?
-what movement should I get and how will it attach?
-where will the crown and movement stem tubes be?
-how will the springbars attach?

So I decided to create a second part and called it the “inner case”.
I wanted it to have an inner cavity for the movement and an iron cross shape for the faceplate.

This meant I needed a movement that was as small as possible to fit inside the inner case.
I looked in the 2007 Jules Borel and Co. catalog and decided to get an ETA 980.106.

I suppose I could have made things simpler and made the faceplate flat.
That would have allowed me to use a larger movement and an off the shelf movement holder.
But I really liked the look of an inner iron cross shape that echoed the outer cross shape.
So I modeled the movement cavity based on the specs in the catalog.


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