Even more faceplate…

This weekend I finally had a few minutes to sit down and experiment with putting graphics onto the stainless steel faceplate (a.k.a the dial).
My original idea was to print the graphics onto white, glossy vinyl sticker paper.
Then I wanted to use an Xacto style knife to cut out the shape of the cross, peal it off the backing paper and stick it onto the dial.
Easy enough I thought.
Everything went smoothly until I tried to freehand cut the shape of the cross.
To improve my chances, I zoomed in 20x with my new magnification glasses to better see the outline.

It was a real problem trying to make the tiny cuts.
For me it is impossibly difficult to make such small incisions with a relatively large instrument.
I made several attempts but could not master the necessary skill.
Most of the cuts were too long or were completely off target.

My next idea was similar, but relied less on my freehand cutting skills.
This time I would print the graphics onto clear sticker paper.
This would allow me to see through the sticker so I could line it up with the faceplate.
Once I stuck the graphics onto the faceplate, I turned it over and trimmed it with the Xacto knife.
This was much easier because I could rely on the edges of the stainless steel cross to be my guide.
It was like cutting along a straight edged ruler…much easier.

Here you can see the faceplate sitting almost in position with the graphics stuck onto it.
Like I said, I originally intended the background to be white, but seeing the shiny, stainless steel creates a completely different feel, which I am starting to appreciate.
I may experiment further by first spray painting the stainless steel dial with a thin coat of white primer.
This would bring back having a white background behind the graphics.


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