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Proxxon drill press and compound table

Posted in Watches on August 17, 2011 by medusawatches

Originally, my plan was to try to convince a local watchmaker to help me drill and tap screw holes into the case.
I need these screws to secure the case back and possibly also the faceplate.
However, I soon realized that I needed to once again figure out a way to do it myself because I need to be able to experiment. 
Through trial and error I hope to find out what is the right combination and sizes of screws, drill bits and taps.
I imagined that this would get expensive and frustrating if I had to hire another person to figure this all out for me.
So, the next tool I decided to purchase was a Proxxon TBM 220 micro drill press.
I found a used one on that also had a home-made LED light attached.
To be able to accurately line up the drill with the exact position where I want to drill the holes I also purchased a Proxxon KT 70 compound table.
And finally, I bought a set of refurbished carbide drill bits…also off
In these pictures you can also see the next iteration of the case.
A new, white-detail material, prototyped piece I recently got from