An old, but new mechanical movement.

When I showed the latest picture of the BLS watch to Dan Spitz, he wanted to know what movement was in it. Unfortunately, he wasn’t too keen on the fact that I chosen to go with a quartz, battery powered movement. He said, “You know me. If it has a battery it’s NOT a watch. Unless it’s a Tuning Fork.  :-)”. I respect his opinion, so I went back to the drawing board and found a mechanical, hand wound movement called an AS (A. Shield) 577.301 which is the same size and shape as the quartz “junk” I had chosen. Brand new, this movement costs $59.95. However, I got lucky. On a seller had several of these movements. They are new and unused but probably quite old. But for 3.50 euro each, it’s a good deal. Today I recieved it in the mail. One look and I was blown away by the detail in this amazing little, micro machine! Something tells me I better buy the rest of them! 🙂


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