You never know until you try…

Last week I decided it was time to get the movement, hands and crown installed on the BLS watch (the hands in the earlier post were placeholder).
However, this is delicate work which I didn’t feel confident in doing myself.
So I found a local watchmaker who was willing to do this work for me….for only 10 euro!
Today I got the watch back from the shop and I was not too pleased.
The person who did the work (Andreas) wasn’t working so I wasn’t able to discuss it with him.
The hands he chose don’t really look good.
Then, he had to bend the minute hand so it was free to move over the screws I put into the dial.
Lesson learned….no screws in the dial!
Also, it’s hard to tell but I think the hour hand is rubbing on the dial.
Chances are the dial with graphics is too thick for this movement and the movement stem for the hands was not long enough.
Lastly,  about 6 hours after I got home the watch stopped working altogether.


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